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Old 07-21-2012, 02:40 PM
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Default In the interest of fairness, OD Saxon review

Just seen this review in my Destiny Catalogue and as it is one of the few 'favourable' reviews of Motorbiker that I've read I thought I would post it just to show I don't just do the negative stuff.

Although it is worth posting just for the last line

Review written by Dave Cockett who contributes to Classic Rock, AOR, Powerplay & Fireworks magazines;

To be blunt, I didn’t really hold out much hope for this release. The ongoing sniping / legal battles between the various factions in the Saxon camp are about as tedious as those (hopefully now past) between Bernie Marsden and David Coverdale – jeez guys, let it go fer christsakes! – and whichever way you slice it, to your average Saxon fan the Biff fronted version is the real deal (much like ol’ Cov and Whitesnake). Oliver Dawson Saxon have been doing the rounds for nearly two decades now in one guise or another; content it seemed to eke out a fairly shallow living trading on former glories. Save for the ‘Victim You’ album released under the Son Of A Bitch mantle back in ’96 pretty much all their output has been live recordings of old Saxon stuff (yawn), so it came as quite a pleasant surprise to find that ‘Motorbiker’ was actually an album of new tracks. Joined by former Shy vocalist John ‘Wardi’ Ward, one time Saxon drummer Nigel Durham (who I believe has since left) and former Saracen guitarist Haydn Conway, Messrs Oliver and Dawson have come up with an album that will surprise many. If you’re expecting an album filled with early 80’s Saxon nostalgia think again, to their credit this is a much more intense metal briquette which at times wouldn’t seem out of place sat alongside the likes of Black Label Society, Diamond Head or Velvet Revolver ... Wardi’s rasping vocal certainly lends a rakish brogue to proceedings. There are strong NWOBHM influences of course (how could there not be) and from time to time the mood lightens and the odd hummable melody slips through, but for the most part this is a no compromise, balls to the wall metal album that at least sees ODS set themselves apart from Biff and co. A positive step forward for the most part ... aside from closer ‘Nursery Crimes’ which is complete bollocks!
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Old 07-22-2012, 02:55 PM
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This album sounds absolutely nothing like Saxon. It's time they dropped the name for good.

It's a repetative dull album, and whilst there are some good riffs in places on here they are completely ruined by Wardi's attempts to sing. I don't like the over reliance they have of opening songs with radio broadcasts, war speeches etc, which happens 4 times on this album.

As the reviewer above has also stated "at least sees ODS set themselves apart from Biff and co", well it does. The gulf in quality is very clear for everyone to see.

Drop the name you feckers and stop tarnishing the Saxon brand.
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Old 07-25-2012, 03:35 PM
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The problem I see with ODS (aside their name of course) is that they do Saxon cover songs most of the time and Saxon's songs don't suit the vocal range of their current vocalist.

My other problem is that I have listened to some Motorbiker tracks and it sounds like a rock parody than something to be taken seriously, I mean the Darkness when they started off had more seriousness to them, and they were not a serious band (not sure about these days, haven't listened to them)

It is sad really, both Graham Oliver and Steve Dawson are talented musicians and it is sad that they are no longer a part of Saxon (I felt very sorry for Steve Dawson after finding out that their then manager went behind his back to get him fired on the Heavy Metal Thunder DVD)
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