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Old 06-24-2012, 07:46 PM
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Well I wasn't expecting that much excitement again. It started slowly and looked like it was going to turn into a no overtaking train race BUT after the safety car period it completely kicked off!!

Vettel was unlucky, although deep down I was quite pleased because it looked like Red Bull had strted to get the car half decent again, although it did mean Alonso raced away to the victory, but having started in 11th that was some drive. Also unlucky was Grosjean who drove excellently until his car too gave up.

Well done to Kimi for an excellent 2nd and brilliant that Michael Schumacher got his first podium since returning to F1. Think there would have been a few harsh words between Maldonado and Hamilton after the race thanks to their last lap collision though!!

So, no 8th different winner but the season is wide open
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Old 06-24-2012, 11:52 PM
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Looks like Renault engines have unforseen alternator issues, both Vettel's and Grosjean's cars use their engines and they will want to look into that as it seemed to be a shared fault. Also, Toro Rosso and Caterham will probably be having words. Both drivers on both teams basically seemed to have knackered each other's race, so I can't imagine them not wanting words.

Also, I think Hamiton's at fault for that incident. Rather than just let Maldonado past he tried to force him out, which led to him trying to rejoin but Hamilton tried to hog the inside line as he came back on and ruined his own race in the process and doing damage to Maldonardo's car in the process. He can't say he didn't see or notice him, so he's his own enemy.

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