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Old 05-05-2013, 02:37 PM
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Default Belfast Mandella Hall 3.5.13

We all know how good a live band Saxon are. As the memory fades slightly from tour cycle to cycle on friday night Saxon really drove home just how good they are live with a stellar performance. Once Biff Had got an under powered mic changed and the sound was dialled in they really hit their stride. For me the mix of tracks were interesting a real nice mix. You expect a healthy dose of the new album and they stood up well against the classics. Made in Belfast in Belfast you couldnt really go wrong ! Ride like the wind, conquistador and iron wheels add a nice change. Then the closing salvo of classics top off a superb show. This is not a band just going through the motions as i guess they could at this stage in their career. To me they are as good now as they have ever been and seem to really be enjoying it. The Belfast audience are not short on showing their appreciation. Some bands steer clear of Ireland - Dublin & Belfast gigs but probably a logistic nightmare and not great business wise but to be fair to saxon they come most tours.
Merch wise the tour faded t shirt looked good but the signed drum head caught my eye. It wasnt priced so i guessed kiss\maiden 40 - 50 Saxon 25 at best. So i asked 15 great. I noticed doug and nibbs now using ESP guitars - doug ESP eclipse with floyd and emgs also a ESP super strat type. Nibbs was using an ESP LTD bass their cheap line like a thunderbird copy. Paul stuck to his gibson les paul with floyd fitted and double neck sg.

Belfast vid:
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