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Old 10-11-2011, 03:35 AM
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You guys must all use better cameras than me, I only got a couple of decent pictures, this is probably the best one.
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Old 06-23-2012, 06:11 AM
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hell its long after the show & im still stoked i witnessed Saxon!! there are only a few bands who really get me to let loose & jam, one of the o thers is venom. different music, but we are a METAL FAMILY and i love my family! HAIL THE MIGHTY SAXON. HAIL THE HORDES, HAIL THE LEGIONS & FLOTS TIL DEATH !! !! !! metal forever.
Family, friends, Hockey, Single Malt Scotch aged no less than 18 years, German, Irish & English bier, Heavy Metal, what else is there ?
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Old 07-11-2012, 08:00 PM
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Originally Posted by buffalobiff View Post
Driving some 500 miles on Saturday to see Saxon was the easiest drive I have ever made. After seeing the Denim and Leather and Strong Arm (Heavy Metal Thunder World Tour Part 2) shows in the early 80's the last time Saxon was in Minneapolis I guess was on the Innocence Tour. That time they played at the First Ave. nightclub to MAYBE 35 people. As I recall it was an all- ages affair that started around 5 in the afternoon and was not promoted AT ALL ! This Call To Arms album (ya i still call em albums) is my vote for rock album of the year. I know Sir Edward Trunk has annointed the mighty Anthrax with that honor which is a great choice but mine goes here.It was/is so refreshing when a band tours behind new stuff that you wanna hear just as much as the old stuff.You have all seen the setlist but for me which was every bit as awesome as the set was the way it just flowed. Perfect. Doug and Nibbs solo's were done so well leading into their respective songs. Not too long at all, just a minute or two to get a taste and then back to the songs ! The entire band was in PERFECT form all night giving us a good two hours worth. Having just flown in from San Antonio you would have never known it.By the way guys, talk to your tour manager and ask why the hell you go Houston, San Antonio, Chicago, Detroit, Montreal, Toronto, New York in a frickin' weeks time! Wow. Most of the other big name bands basically do every other day at best with the odd back to back.Biff on his third night in a row hit every note there was and that is no BS. Again, coming from north of Minneapolis with my 15 year old son I had the time of my life. Hey, you others from Minnesota wasn't it unreal the mention Biff gave from the stage about many of us coming from far away places like Minnesota? Totally outta the blue. Waiting by their bus after the show paid off in spades! The band coming out one by one to sign EVERYTHING and take EVERY pic anyone wanted. Got my Call to Arms signed by each and saw some guys getting literally 20 things signed. They smiled, talked and took time for everyone. Fave part of that whole experience was not for me but my son.As I was waiting for Paul to sign some dudes massive collection o stuff (c'mon man!) I had my back turned away from my kid for about 3 minutes. After Paul signed, I turned around and saw the smile on my son's face and asked what was up? He said dad you won't believe it, but while you were waiting Biff talked to me the whole time! Genuine guy. He first asked my kid "Where's your daddy?" He pointed to me and then Biff asked more about him like how old he was, what other bands he likes, etc.When he asked my son if he knew all the songs tonight he told him ya. Biff says I know cause I saw you and our dad in the 3rd row! Top man! Telling my wife this story when I got home I put it to her this way....Imagine seeing one of your fav bands/singers 30 years ago and now having the chance to see em again with your son and having it be even better than before! Unreal! Thanks again Saxon. I know you probably don't read much of this stuff but wanted to thank you none the less. Cheers!

I am so with you on every point. Europe's crowds are always, always into every show. You know the Bands love it. I'm just like you, even with my cane. In Detroit last Oct in between a song they would get me what I wanted to drink because I am handicapped I think. I'm not a big drinker anymore which sucks because of all these pills I got to take for my heart rhythm, diabetes and pain in my back. I was down front most of the time using my cane like a guitar and Biff seen it apparently because he came over to shake my hand. I think Biff remembers me from our phone call and letters, and especially when my twin bro and I went with the tour director I thick to go pick up Biff and Doug at the restaurant where they where eating. Marvelous fun this band. They really care about their fans. Don't think Maiden or Priest would do this at all. Even announced us during the show. I'm all in if someone wants to do something nice for Saxon. They've been there for us. As for Saxon coming back to Americ I think like you do, my I hope we are both wrong. I love Saxon.
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Old 10-05-2012, 02:50 PM
MartyWalker MartyWalker is offline
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Originally Posted by mnsaxonfan View Post
My first ever Saxon concert, and it was an awesome experience. I was down on the floor in row D of section 101, and just love being that close to the band at any concert.

This is just repeating what everyone already knows, but the band sounded AMAZING. Biff is obviously taking great care of his voice because he sounded perfect, one of the few that can sing everything today just as he could at a younger age (like Dio, Bruce, are there others who can still bring it today like they could 30 years ago that I'm missing?). Doug has the be the most under-appreciated guitarist alive, I have an even greater appreciation/respect for his skill after seeing him play live! Nibbs, a freaking mad-man on stage, I don't even think I can move/shake my head as fast as he does, and he's doing that while playing the bass on stage! Nigel, one of my favorite drummers ever, just the picture of perfection with his work behind the kit, if anything, he makes it look too easy! And Paul, just the consumate professional, and if Doug is under-appreciated, well so is Paul!

Repeating another common theme, the sound was great as well, the vocals were clear, the seperation between both guitars and the bass was clear, and Nigel's drumming was at just the right level (in contrast, I thought the sound for Borealis was a bit muddled).

I actually thought the crowd up close the stage was great, and based on how many times Biff commented on the crowd I think the band agreed. I'm not sure if the band reads the forum or not, but when Biff mentioned how people traveled a long way to get to the show, and he specifically mentioned Minnesota, I couldn't help but think "he's talking about me!!!"

My only minor complaint is, as a big time fan of Saxon...I'd love to have more songs from '87-'09 played. But at the same time, I loved every single song that was the only way to deal with my complaint is to have them play even longer than they about a 3 hour set next time guys!

In conclusion, my first Saxon show rates right at the top of the list of all concerts I've ever been to, loved every minute of it....and just hope that it doesn't end up being my last Saxon concert!
My first show was in Oct 1981 on the Denim Album releash. Coming from corncob county Ohio I had never had a rush live that show. It's like I was reawakened from a coma. My life was filled with a greater sense of purpose. Saxon changed my whole outlook on life. I haven't lost that feeling yet. Happy for you Minnesota for your first show.
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