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Old 09-25-2009, 10:03 PM
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Well the shirt arrived yesterday and it is smart, shame they didn't do one in longsleeve.....
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Old 09-27-2009, 11:14 PM
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Hey, they got the thirty years stuffs in now! Looks nice......

It's cold. I need a new hoody thing. Any excuse. :3 Question is how small is small? Because I've ordered from European sites before and small either meant huge, or small meant baby sized. I mean I am little but it would be nice to have an idea...

Aw.. they only do credit card... I don't have one and the bank says I have to stop being a dole monkey before I can get one.. Very sad. Cold winter. And I look silly with this mouse-ears hat!
Death to Mouse Metal! All hail Sir Biff!

I am weird. Take me seriously at your own peril.

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