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Old 07-27-2015, 11:42 AM
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Default Saturday, Steelhouse Festival - 25th July

For those lucky people that went down to Kent to see SAXON, I hope you had a good time (que green eyed monster grrrrrrrrrr),

Anyway myself and two friends (yes I have friends) ventured to ‘sunny’ Wales, Ebbw Vale to be precise, for my second visit to the tallest rock festival, (first time, I watched Saxon in 2013), for the annual Steelhouse Festival, a two day event headlined by UFO (more on those later) and Dee Snider (Sunday, who I didn’t see), so after the lovely rain we had all over Friday night (well our gardens need it, yeah right), my friend had a text saying, they were not allowing Camper Vans in until around midday, so armed with wellies, we set off, after crossing the bridge into Wales, we headed towards the ‘gig’, arriving in the glorious sun (yippee), I did notice quite a few Saxon shirts, which was pleasing, although part of me was wishing I was in Kent, anyway onto the bands, and just before 12.30, arrives:

Florence Black – I really don’t anything about this band, I spotted a few of their t shirts in the crowd, but they rocked and warmed up the mass that had ventured down the front.

Massive Wagons – I know the name, and o know they have played a few shows in my hometown, (again) got a good response from the crowd.

Henry’s Funeral Shoe – One man (or young man) with his guitar and his friend on the drums, mmmm dunno what to say really.

Trucker Diablo – I do have their CD, so this was the first of the ‘big boys’ (sorry ladies), sounding like Blackberry Smoke mixed with Black Stone Cherry, these guys certainly got the crowd clapping and cheering.

The Treatment – Now with a new singer (apparently he was on the BBC show ‘the Voice’), and a guitarist, these young scamps know how to ‘rock n roll’, and the crowd loved them, I think they could be one to watch.

Nazareth – Yet another new singer in the form of Carl Sentence (ex Persian Risk), and by jolly, this guy can sing, we had the hits, ‘Love Hurts’, ‘This Flight tonight’, the lighters were out, one hour later and they were finished, brilliant set.

Y & T – Judging by the shirts been worn, this was the band, the crowd wanted to see, playing the whole of Black Tiger, Mr Meniketti & the boys, hit that stage like a Hurricane (no pun attended), this was the 5 out of 5 from me, so how can you follow Y & T, but…

U.F.O – If you have already seen them on their European show, this was the same set, Mr Mogg had, had a few sherbets, and was talking to the crowd between songs, going on about ‘Dinner Date’ (a UK based dating show), Bruce Forsyth and Black and White T.V, also (trying) to propose to a young lady, but U.F.O are good at what they do, no nonsense tap your foot, nod your head, rock.

Obviously the reviews will be out in the Rock Mags, very soon, but whatever festival you went to, I hope you had a good time.

Thanks for reading………….
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Old 07-28-2015, 11:48 AM
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Nice review Lionheart
I saw Y&T recently at the BYH festival and I too liked them very much.
Haven´t seen UFO so far. Would be very glad to have this some day.
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Old 07-28-2015, 12:31 PM
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Nice review Lionheart

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Old 09-03-2015, 05:54 PM
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Yep we were there all weekend too, one of the unlucky camper vans that arrived at 3pm in the pissing rain and couldn't get in to put our awning up etc until midday the following day. Anyway a brilliant weekend was had as usual despite the deluge and mud.

Have to agree that Y&T and UFO were outstanding. Sunday was also a quality day with superb performances from Colour of Noise, Doro, Tyketto, FM and Dee Snider who was absolutely incredible
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