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Old 04-01-2018, 05:28 AM
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Default Saxon on TIDAL streaming

Saxon is ahead of Maiden and Priest when it comes to streaming their music. On the TIDAL streaming service Saxon has MQA files of their last 2 albums {IM and JP don't}.
What that means to the average joe such as myself is the audio files {MQA / Master} have higher resolution than CD. These files are 24bit / 96kz. Yes, more info than a CD. Even the standard TIDAL files are lossless. Not that mp3 horse shit on Spotify.
Again in layman's terms, they sound fuckin' amazing. TIDAL claims to pay the artist better so that was a factor for me to subscribe. ** I don't work for TIDAL**
and don't want this to sound like a commercial for TIDAL but I will admit I'm very happy with the service. TIDAL is know for Hip Hop but don't let that
scare you off. All the metal is there. I hope TIDAL can also be known as THE metal streaming service.
I search through the MASTER files on TIDAL to listen to old stuff in all genres and it's just amazing what I'm hearing. It's like I'm hearing songs for the first time. There are also videos and documentaries etc. on TIDAL too. My first thought was "I don't care" but I've watched a lot of videos and now have a video playlist. I like how SAXON is on the forefront of new technology.
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