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Old 04-30-2012, 01:52 PM
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Question Brennan JB7, Anyone got one of these?

As Title.
Has anyone got one of these Brennans? Any good ?

I Have a Sony Har500 hard disc recorder which is fantastic but needs a full size amp etc.
I bought it secondhand off u know where for my workshop to replace the ageing temperamental skipping 200cd player but found it so good that it's still in the house.
I NEED non stop metal while i work so the sony has to go in the workshop (I can never go back to a cd player now)

I see there are quite a few Brennans on ebay that are nearly new, WHY?

There are conflicting reviews going back several years so would like to hear from someone who has actually got or had one .
I don't need massive volume in the house as my kids complain about the noise but then i don't want to get a brennan and find the sound quality feeble and tinny or some other problem that will drive me mad.

Cheers, Zed.
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