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Old 04-13-2007, 06:46 PM
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Default Whose Cheese And Tomato Sandwich

Tim 747 sykes quote on another recent post -
"Please tell me if there is a way of retrieving all the posts that we all put onto this forum prior to the revamp , as i loved reading the old stuff"

How about this one I wrote on the old forum, most people found it amusing,so I thought I should bring over to the official forum. Some of the new members may like to read it and I STILL HAVENíT FOUND OUT WHO THE FLINGER IS!!! It may be one of you?? lol



Venue - Donington Park, UK

Year - 1982

Bands on bill - Status Quo (Headliners), Gillan, SAXON, Uriah Heep, Hawkwind and Anvil.

I remember when they announced this line up i was not that impressed.apart from our boys from Barnsley and openers Anvil. Nothing against the other bands but just not my bag.

As soon as we arrived we started making our way down the front so when Saxon hit the stage we would be in a good position. Anvil came on and as i remember played a killer set, followed by the next two bands,by this time we had got to the third row from the front.

Now with most outside festivals boredom can sometimes creep in between each band coming on, so the crowd decided to entertain itself (Donington Monsters of Rock becoming famous for its plastic bottle and mud fights). Saxon were touring the States at the time and flew in that day to play the show and i think they got delayed. So the sky was full of flying projectiles, bottles emptying overhead, and it was not all beer and coke if you know what i mean! They then announced Saxon would be on shortly, at that point i was smacked round the face by a cheese and tom sandwich (tasty). So now twenty three years later with all this communication technology at my fingertips, i ask who thew it! and say thanks mate because i was starting to feel i little hungry NOT!

Saxon came on and as always gave us fans a polished and powerful show, but the icing on the cake was the next UK tour programme (The Eagle has Landed tour) features the cover photograph taken at Donington, a picture of the crowd, I`m the guy with the tomato seeds running down my face. I just wondered if anyone else was there that day and also if you were on the cover of the programme, you may have lost a cheese and tomato sandwich.

"We sat in the sun and the bands played on"
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