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Old 02-15-2008, 02:49 PM
bigsled bigsled is offline
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Join Date: Feb 2008
Location: minnesota
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Default newbie question on us tours past and future

hello. i just joined here. the wife and i, just recently bought a computer..anyway i was searching the threads and wanted to see if anyone could help me i have very limited info about saxon over the years. i was only able to see them once here in mn/usa on the " rock the nations tour " . it was awesome. my friends and i often talk about it now that we are all connected again with families etc. i was wondering if there is somewhere to find all past tour dates for the us ? or does anybody know how many times saxon visited the us after that tour ??
2- times they did a full us tour (most markets/cities) ?
3- minnesota ???

i realize the reasons why they dont come here often but does anybody know why they never hook up with anyone that sells well here . alot of bands from the 80's now also bill package tours here in the us .. it sucks that if saxon have/ or do come here they only do limited cities. most of the older fans here , like myself (40) cant travel , do to job/family obligations , to see them if they were able to even open for somebody that sells well and hit more cities that would be cool. and mabey gain some more fans to boot

i envy you people over in european countries. you got a awesome metal scene with lots of loyal ,supportive fans for the older bands and great festivals. all we have here is the lousy ozzfest..

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Old 02-17-2008, 08:29 PM
Heathen Heathen is offline
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I'm not sure i think last time they tour the state was 'Unleash The Beast' tour.But besides that i aint sure.
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Old 02-17-2008, 09:24 PM
Bosnian Witchfinder's Avatar
Bosnian Witchfinder Bosnian Witchfinder is offline
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last time they toured us was for killing ground, in 2002 i think.

they were supposed to tour in spring 2005, but biffs house burnt down, the rescheduled dates were then cancelled due to visa problems as the band didnt have enough time to sort them out
new band!
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Old 02-20-2008, 05:30 AM
Secret Weapon Secret Weapon is offline
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Join Date: Nov 2007
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They have come to the US twice since Unleash the Beast that I'm aware of. I was fortunate enough to see them at the tail end of the Metalhead tour and at the Metalfest in New Jersey on the Killing Ground trek, both great shows, especially the first one. Every once in a while news seems to surface that they are coming here again, but it never seems to happen. No idea about the Rock the Nations tour, as I was only about eight years old at the time... Wish I could have seen that!
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