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Old 12-21-2020, 01:09 PM
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Talking Metal/HardRock bands you dislike only a few tracks off.

As mentioned before, here I am with the thread of tracks you don't like of bands..
I have a holiday now and after a long time I feel the urge to post something on this forum again.

For being complete, I put Saxon here again:
Dislike songs: 1) Warrior 2) Waiting For The Night 3) Requiem (We Will Remeber) 4) Crash Dive.

AC/DC: 1) School Days 2) The Jack 3) She's Got Balls 4) Rocker 5) Big Balls 6) There's Gonna Be Some Rockin' 7) Aint No Fun (Waiting 'Round To Be A Millionaire) 8) Crabsody In Blue 9) Come Hell Or High Water 10) Who Made Who 11) This Means War 12) If You Dare 13) Caught With Your Pants Down.

Accept: 1) I'm A Rebel 2) Ahead Of The Pack 3) Shake Your Heads 4) Get Ready 5) Princess Of The Dawn 6) Death Row 7) What Else?

Iron Maiden: Nothing, except for the stand alone-single Women In Uniform, Which is a cover.

Metallica: 1) Whiplash 2) Metal Militia 3) Some Kind Of Monster 4) Damage Inc. 5) Shortest Straw.

I stop here, for now. If you like to know more, let it know and I'll join in later again.
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