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Old 03-22-2007, 09:11 PM
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Default The Inner Sanctum (review)

Ok it is from the old Forum! I know,.. here it is again! ( Do miss the other superb reviews, even from Gregger ) Maybe they can be put in here again?

1.Going Nowhere Fast (10+) The song that I did already like since the first 30 seconds on the Saxon- messageboard. Very familiar the content of this song : Stau auf der Autobahn. Scheisse man! Car jam. Accept- flavour and the beginning I hear a sound that reminds me of Slayers ‘Anti-social song-elements. Already classic. Masterpiece. To me it’s like in the Strong-Arm of the Law times, in a modern coat. Nice solo Paul Quin. ( a solo that sticks in my memory). I like those riffs from Doug on the left boxes, which are recorded much clearer and louder then on the “To live by the sword” song fro Lionheart. It’s recorded in the way in which Judas Priest does record this “licks” too( Thx Valanx for telling me what these little riffs are called) . So more recorded to the front, so that it is noticed very clear.

1.I Have To Rock (To Stay Alive) (10+) Superb! I hear Play it Loud-song and the solo contains that particulair Eagle has landed part I like so much. Thank you Douglas Ray Scarrat for the fantastic guitar riff. It whistles good! In a car aor just in the kitchen doing the dishes.Again a solo to remember. And Nibbs thanks for that VET bassing. Nibbs is good on this whole album! Its placed more into the front.

2. If I was You (8+) This should have been the single! ( or the 2 songs above mentioned) Not that Goldsmith-thing. But ok I respect anybody else his choice. But that man has not my taste… In the last radiobroadcast with Biff I already noticed the difference in guitar riffs, it sounds so fresh and clear. Without that bad-mixing. Surprising that this song ranks so high, but I had that Goldsmith thing in my head that functioned like a blocade in the head..

2. State of Grace (8+) Fantastic song. Briliant intro. I like the Gregorian chant in it.. It reminds me of the movie “In the name of the Rose, with Sean Conery” Not the same time in history, but it just brings me back in that atmosphere (Fear!). Nigel Glockler drumming sounds fantastic.. On this song the double bass is functional..

2. Need for speed (8+) A combination of the Unleash the Beast flavour, Metalheadalbum (all guns blazing flavour), Lionheart album (Man and Machine) . Tempo-song ! Like the 2.49 min drumming from Nigel

2. Red Star Falling (8+) Fantastic ballad. Combination from Killings-ground s Court of the Krimson King and Metalheads Sea of Life. The solo’s fitt well into this song.

2. Ashes to Ashes (8+) Good chorus and a solo that sticks in the head.

3. Let me Feel your Power. (8) Metalhead-album (!) flavour for sure. Like the tempo and the riffs. Maybe some parts should have recorded a bit clearer from 3.00 min.. But ok in a Live-setting such things aren’t that hearable too. So I can understand.

4. Atilla the Hun (6,5) Why is this song my least favorite track? Two reasons: (1)The first Saxon song without a real explicit solo. (2)Second the double bass drumming sound to me a bit out of place.. I have nothing against the bass-drumming on the others songs (thats fantastic, good job Nigel Glockler, some friends where in my livingroom whilst playing the Inner Sanctum CD, and they were very impressed!) but not on this song. And maybe a third reason (3) the song is too long it sinks in…Parts 3.15 min – 4 min 06 , 5 min 35 – 7in 10.. Is too much a filler to me..But ok artistic freedom! Better leave these filler-parts out and replace this with a solo like in Lionheart-song. Or : dont put it on an all. BTW when Biff was on the radio broadcast, he played a rough version of this song ..but , help me..didnt that contain a clear solo?? But .. maybe ..I think it’s my wish that’s master of my memory this time..( Or not,?! Am I the only one here, that had this thoughts?)

Conclusion: Inner Sanctum is a fantastic album, with masterpiece songs. It’s a light consumeable album, with lyrics that stay in mind after the first hearing. It’s a spring album, where Lionheart was a winter album, early spring this year! Good work Saxon! Keep up this quality! 8/10

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Old 03-23-2007, 03:23 AM
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I ENJOYED THE ALBUM ALL THE WAY THROUGH,Atilla didn't catch on to me after only 3 listens,but after seeing it live made me appreciate it,now I think its brilliant.This song is actually a masterpiece in my opinion.
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Old 03-23-2007, 10:26 AM
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This is what my boy Harrison thinks of Inner Sanctum
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Old 03-23-2007, 03:14 PM
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Thanks again for a great review, Heavycelli. Have you done a review of Nigel & Doug's "Mad Men and English Dogs" ? Good to see it was on sale at the merchandise stall in Germany (but no Inner Sanctum CD's !).


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Old 03-23-2007, 03:20 PM
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SAXON has come back with anotheir great cd. and great reveiw by the way
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Old 03-27-2007, 09:06 AM
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I (and Lemmyswart) are a member of another web group and I was privelidged enough to hear a Pre-release copy of The Inner Sanctum so I Had the oportunity to review the album before release in the UK, here then, are some of my reviews, in chronological order, starting with, literally, a 5 minute listen in my car, whilst skiving off work;

1st Post: The Inner Sanctum - Saxon
Just had a quick skip through and it is, err, a bit thrashy in places.
Overall there seem to be some great and slightly unusual riffs.
"I've got to rock" sounds like the best track to me, however, a proper listen might change that.

2nd Post: I am pleased to report that The Inner Sanctum is a real grower. I am liking it more and more.
The drums are particularly good, some of the riffing is terrific as well.
Even the thrashier tracks are winning me over.
Great stuff, equal to Lionheart, easily.
Many great albums take some getting into, this is one

3rd Post: I have now listened to the Inner Sanctum about five times and, after a bit if a dodgy first impression(s), I have to say its rather good actually. Closer to Metalhead and Lionheart than Wheels of Steel or Strong Arm of The Law.

1) State Of Grace - Fast with unusual riff, it seems to have a slowish lead tune over a fast rythm section. Could easily fit on the Lionheart album.
2) Need For Speed - Crashing drums lead this standard Saxon thrasher.
I like this now, but I didn't to start with. Now I have got into it its a real good track. It wont help you drive slowly though
Could be off Metalhead or Unleash The Beast.
3) Let Me Feel Your Power - Another fast track, I couldn't listen to this all day but its a great track. About apreciating the crowd and fans which is a strong theme for many Saxon tracks. Be good live I reckon. Bit too thrashy for me but Biff and the boys manage to keep the quality.
Could be off Metalhead, Unleash The Beast, Dogs Of War, maybe Lionheart.
4) Red Star Falling - The slowish track of the album. Its Ok, with good vocals at the start and some real churning guitar riffs to keep your foot stomping. No mistaking its Saxon but I think it looses its way a bit. The more I hear it the more it grows on me but it's never going to be my favourite track on the album. It would make a great
replacement for one of the weaker tracks on the Lionheart album.
5) Ive Got To Rock - Now I said yesterday that this was the best track based on a 10 minute album assessment. No changes now, I was spot on, this is great stuff. It has the pace and interesting guitar riff that the Woodster loves.
This could easily be on the Strong Arm album, the story/lyrics are a bit similar to why Rock music is so good for me.
"I can't live, I can't breathe, you gotta give me what I need, I can't go on, can't survive, I gotta rock to stay alive" YEAH !
6) If I Was You - I reckon this is straight from the Lionheart recording sessions. Its OK, the chorus is why its the single, better than average but its not going to set this CR google group alight.
7) Going Nowhere Fast - Nice to see an AC/DC style riff making a welcome appearance
From the Dogs Of War era Saxon. Makes a different pace/sound to the album, its good really but again, its an album track rather than a highlight.
8) Ashes To Ashes - Slower chordy type guitaring, straight from the Forever Free era. Listenable but maybe an album filler. Might be good live.
9) Empire Rising - Slow, typically Saxon introduction to:
10) Attilla The Hun - which is back to the fast, almost thrash. I didn't like this when I first heard it but I have now really got to appreciate the pace changes and the power of the fast sections. Not my favourite Saxon style but a great track non the less. Nice and long as well.

Overall then I think this is a great album which is worthy of a few spins to get to know it. There are parts that I feel could be improved, but thats just me I guess.
As good as Lionheart ?, yeah, I reckon so, why not.
Its better than Metalhead, and if its comparable with Lionheart then thats a good thing, in my view.
I've Got To Rock remains the highlight for me, hope thay play this one live.

4th Post: I have played this album loads now and it has continued to grow on me. It will be a mighty fine album that betters this in 2007. Like all good albums the more you listen the better it gets. I now feel that there is not a duff track on the album, its absolutely superb, best
album, let alone Saxon album, for many a year. Might even be my favourite Saxon album !, well almost, "Power and Glory" and "Heavy Metal Thunder" take some beating of course

5th Post: The official english release of the Inner Sanctum popped through my door yesterday complete with high quality packaging, booklet with all the lyrics, DVD, great art work, what more can you ask for from a great rock band ?

Today: I have now listened to this album almost continually since it first popped through my door. I love it, absolutely stunning album. Great guitaring and the type of drumming that really makes you notice a drummer.
So I like it then. Oh yes indeed.
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Old 03-27-2007, 07:24 PM
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Originally Posted by XRWoody View Post
Today: I have now listened to this album almost continually since it first popped through my door. I love it, absolutely stunning album. Great guitaring and the type of drumming that really makes you notice a drummer.
So I like it then. Oh yes indeed.
I agree with pretty much everything you said, but especially this bit!! I just love the guitaring (I always do!), but I never usually pay much, if any, attention to the drumming (sorry Nige! lol). On this album though, I am "hearing" the drumming a lot more, so it has been brought to my attention, and I have to say, I love the drumming too! Even on "Attila The Hun", which, when I heard the rough mix on the radio, I absolutely hated - I thought the drums sounded atrocious, but now I think that's a great song.

I love the whole album, and I think it's better than Lionheart (slightly), although I know "him indoors" doesn't agree with me on that. I've not stopped listening to it since before it came out! lol
Sam xxx
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Old 03-28-2007, 10:55 AM
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Great review Woody !

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