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Originally Posted by The_Sentinel View Post
Right now I'm confused, I ordered 2 signed copies as I wanted to open one and then frame the print when I get the rest of the band to sign it.

I also pre-ordered the standard version from Amazon so that I could play it and it arrived today and it's numbered as well but no artprint (which I knew anyway).

The Amazon box is numbered 1395 so I'm assuming that every box is numbered and that there's possibly 2000 in total, but only the first 500 include the artprints.

If I'd have known this I'd have done without buying the Amazon box and instead just play the records from one of the signed editions.
Yeah! I'm not very happy about that either.
The sales pitch implied that only the first 500 were numbered not the whole lot.
Why didn't you buy all the sets from Demon in the first place though ?
The pre-order signed ones from Demon were cheaper than the Std Amazon ones anyway and you would have had an extra print for free.

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