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Originally Posted by Andy View Post
The guys seem very humble and fan friendly even after 30+ years. I would be thrilled to meet them and grab a picture. Any tips (or names I should drop? haha) for getting a handshake or a picture or a chance to share a pint?
I'm sure you'll have a killer time for your 2 Saxon shows. To have a chance to actually meet them? Maybe if you can arrive near the venue in the afternoon, and stick near their tour bus. Then, you'll maybe have a chance to meet the guys. That's what I did in Denmark last year, and got the chance to chat a bit and take a pic with Biff, as well as talking with Paul and taking a pic with him and Doug. Very nice guys. Didn't have the chance to meet them last Monday in Montreal.

I thought it was very cool that Biff took the time in Montreal to name and thank the 2 opening bands (Heroik and Borealis). Then, later in the show, he thanked all the people for coming see the band tonight. I think it's the first time in 25 years of going at metal shows that the singer actually thanked the crowd for attending.
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