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Originally Posted by caflyergirl View Post
Thanks to all who have shown interest in these items. Just an additional note, all of the items are from Nigel Glockler's personal collection. After 20 odd years in Saxon, Nigel has amassed quite a few objects and decided to part with some of them to help raise money for his favorite charity, The Cats Protection League. All proceeds will be donated to them.

Also, stay tuned for some very very special items that will be going up on Ebay for auction, again all proceeds to be donated. I will post a link to the auctions as and when.

Thanks to all, if you have any more questions, shoot me a PM.


Gina G.
Hi Gina.

I'll have the Dogs of war pillow cover please, ta. I'll email you back with the details. Nice to know the money is going to a good cause.

Thanks very much.
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