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Originally Posted by Pandabear View Post
Hi Janet
Great I don't know anyone going. long brown hair medium height always weear heels. IM friends with the MORCFacebook site. Look for pandora.
I wrote to them and think it will be better this year. They are not having many bands playing on the day trips and there is an extra day

I'm staying in Hilton fort lauderdale night before. I want to checkout exactly when Saxon are on, all bands play twice they said!

Yes, all bands play twice. There will be a running order posted somewhere or it will be available on the ship. But listen for announcements over the ship's PA system for changes. A little tip for you...this is a huge ship so when you first get on, start exploring and finding your way around. It takes time to get from one stage to another and getting lost sucks up too much time. And memorize your room number. Your sail card/room key doesn't have the numbers in order (for safety reasons).
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