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Originally Posted by 747rick View Post
Hey Janet, not sure how that cruise differs from 70,000 Tons (let me know) but that seems to be a cracking lineup! I wish I could go on any of them
The main difference if pro vs. amateur.

70K sells 2000 tickets.
Andy Piller knows what heís doing and how to run a floating festival.
40 + bands (both runs had 42 bands but they advertise it as 40 bands)
No repeat bands two years in a row.
Goes to a different destination each time.
No VIP or backstage areas. Bands and fans mingle around together for everything.
Every band plays twice.
Smaller ship, stages are closer together so you can get to the next act timely.
Limited events happening at the same time, so you can catch what you want.
Non concert events are music related, such as guitar clinics.
No bands play during shore time, so you donít miss anything going ashore.
Events start on time.
Shipís crew loves us and canít wait for this cruise.
Restocks beer at port of call if necessary to avoid running out of beer.
Passengers are true metalheads from all over the world.

First run was only 3 nights. Next run is longer but going to the same destination.
3000 tickets.
Totally disorganized.
Fewer bands (I think only 20 on the first run, but adding more next time)
Most of the bands are repeats from the first run.
Pay extra (approx $500 per person) for VIP access.
Bands tend to not mingle.
Very large ship, loses that intimate band/fan relation atmosphere. Stages are so far apart you canít get to the next event timely.
Not every band plays twice.
Has stupid non music type events like Prom Night.
Too many events happening at the same time, you have to pick and choose.
Every band started late, you didnít know where to be at what time.
Bands play during shore time, so you have to choose between seeing a band or going ashore.
Shipís crew is not friendly.
They were running out of beer.
Passengers are mostly bimbos who more than likely have never even heard of Saxon.
(Bimbos re-doing prom night, it ainít pretty!!)

Let's see now, did I miss anything? I'm sure I did but this gives you an idea.
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