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Originally Posted by CRUSADER747 View Post
Thanks for the sugestions, however, i really hate death metal
I have just heard a norther song on there my space page. The music was ok, but as soon as the vocals started i felt like turning it off!!
I love fast music and double bass drumming, but i need more melody, rather than grunting and really forced death metal vocals.
Its not so much Death Metal to be honest and alot of it is very technical and melodic, which isnt really a trait of death metal. As for the vocals i understand they are not to everyones taste but to me i would describe them as raw not forced and more necro style than death, i personally prefer this type of vocal to the more operatic type that is used in power metal but thats just me!

Anyway i got the whole Sonata Arctica discography so im gonna check that out later. Thanks

Originally Posted by lemmyswart View Post
female fronted classic style metal band, two great dio era sabs covers plus some great originals well worth a listen.dont be put off by the thought of a female vocalist she has a very strong voice which really fits well.
I know i have heard of the band, but dont know where..Hmm, anyway i like alot of bands with female vocals, Within Temptation, Arch Enemy, Beseech and some of the older lacuna coil stuff, so i will check them out. Would like to hear those Dio covers too

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