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Default Some Updated Saxon Merchandise please!!!

Just wanted to suggest that the band consider updating the current merchandise available to fans PLEASE??!!! Even tho I'm a relatively new forum member I can see we've got an active forum going here with a lot of people loyally and avidly following and supporting the band .. often over many years.

There has to a be a market out there for more Saxon merchandise ... looking back thru' other similar posts we've got people asking for beanie hats ... tour shirts ..the Saxon 'S' pendant to name but a few . . .. me I'd love to get my hands on a belt buckle, but don't know if they've ever merch'd one?

I'd also love to get my hands on some of the older style t's i missed out when i had less cash to spend ... also would love a pendant/necklace but no way can i afford the ones the band wear - much as i like them and covet one very muchly !!! I would love some decent quality posters for me new house too!!!

What do y'all think??
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