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Originally Posted by The_Sentinel View Post
Yep it is an insane price but I could afford it after selling a few really rare Metallica items and I thought to myself that sometimes you have to pay a premium if you want a rare item.

The way I look at it is this, I have paid more than I wanted to but it's in mint condition and at least I have it now, no need to worry about it not coming up on ebay.

Likewise I've just paid a lot of money for the 3 original Carrere CDs for the exact same reason.
Well in fact it is very rare its not an option too me.... its up to you.. but if you start thinking if it really worth it to buy for that insane price you start to think what you could buy instead that one for its price..... well so i would do it like that.... its up to you and how much someones gonna pay for but for me it doesnt match.... well just tell me just one thing which makes that box that rare (excluded album sacrifice) ?
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