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Default Sweden Photies

Hi folks. I was at the Sweden Rock Festival at the weekend. Fantastic festival. Very friendly and well organised. Anyway throughout the four days of rockin' an' boozin' i managed to snatch some photos. I've uploaded them to

I was unable to snap the headliners like Aerosmith as I have only had my camera for about three weeks. Its one of those digital SLRs with a shitload of buttons and settings. Some photies are also out of focus but, hell, I did my best.

If any of you can manage to a European festival next year this should be first on your list. The headliners this year were Aerosmith, Heaven and Hell and the Scorpions.

Some of the smaller bands were amazing such as Annihilator, Wolf and Trouble who have the coolest, most laid back singer in the universe. Also Suzie Quatro was amazing as was UDO.

Anyway I'll shut up now and let the photies tell the story. All 158 of them. Ha Ha.
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