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Not sure Sammi - I've been to the Garage a few times but have never bothered taking a camera. I'm gonny take mine anyway and if they take it off me, they will give us it back at the end of the concert. A lot of places like SECC and Clyde Auditorium used to be quite strict about cameras but I was at Deep Purple and Thin Lizzy 2 weeks ago and was allowed to stand right at the front of the barrier AND MY PHOTOS ARE ABSOLUTELY MINDBLOWING. Same as Paul Rodgers at Clyde Auditorium, again right at front of barrier and took brill pics. Not so long ago you weren't even allowed to take any photos there, let alone stand at the barrier!!!! I'm seeing Meat Loaf tonight but not gonny bother taking camera cos its not standing tickets I've got, its seated ones, so not going to be that close to the stage. I'm gonny brassneck it though and try and sweet-talk my way into the standing area.

Yip Solid Rock closes at midnight - the Cathouse is guff I hate it unless a good band is playing - Rockers is really near to the Solid and its open till 3 as well.
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