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Originally Posted by Fingers View Post
Saxon have two support bands as well.

Chokehold and Masterplan !
The poster I saw only mentioned Masterplan for Glasgow and I hope that's the case - or no support would be even better. I can't believe bands keep playing the Garage - it's a decent enough venue for an intimate gig (and the sound is a hundred times better than the Carling Academy) but this curfew business is a total nightmare.

If they have got 2 support bands in tow then Saxon will only get an hour - no doubt about that as the curfew is applied very strictly (WASP had only just warmed up when they had to go off!!)

The Solid Rock closes at midnight, which is also a bit early, but there's always the Cathouse if you don't mind being surrounded by teenagers - it's open til about 3am I think and is just the other side of Central Station from the Solid Rock so not far to stagger.
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