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Originally Posted by Valanx View Post
I never win any tips???

LOL the only tip I can give you is to do as many as you can. If you've got any spare time in between going to see Diamond Head and various other nwobhm bands , go to this website and enter as many online comps as you have time for. They are all free online competitions, SO GET IN THERE EMPEROR VALANX

I first started 2 years ago and it took me about 3 months before I won my first prize and now I am winning on average about 8 prizes a month - everything from CDs, DVDs, Playstation 3, Ipods, Bose SoundDock, TV, DVD players, Printers, Sony Camcorders, Playstation games, Christmas hampers, wine, beers, Marks & Spencer vouchers, Safeway vouchers, a year's supply of cleaning products etc., etc.

I've not won anything since I won the PS3 though a couple of weeks ago - so obviously I'm about due a big one any day now

And sorry Taggs - this has bugger all to do with publicity for Saxon hehe.
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