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Great idea, Princess.

Excuse the following rant:

I have no idea why Iron Maiden are massive in this country and Saxon aren't. I like most classic rock music but IM are not one of my favourite bands, I think they are boring for a metal band. I still think its great that IM are popular worldwide and they have such a large fanbase just as I respect Britney Spears for being a worldwide success (I don't like it, but I respect it). After all, that is the whole point of being in a band. Remember this is the artiste's day job, if they don't sell themselves, they don't get paid.

Read in Classic Rock that AC/DC don't really exist in Japan - one of the most lucrative markets ever. Seems AC/DC have the same problem in Japan that Saxon have in Britain.

Anyway how about posting your ideas on how to market/promote Saxon in Britain?
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