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Default Ace band

Saxon still rock no matter what shit channel 4 programme tries to destroy them. Good for Biff and the boys for trying this.

TV can make you a wanker or a hero. Its all down to the editing. When i was checking the epg for the programme it said something like: "This week it's long-in-the-tooth heavy metal band Saxon"

Why mention "long-in-the-tooth"? Even the epg (electronic programme guide) is having a dig. Why? Who cares how old a band are? All that shit called grunge that was popular in the eighties - are any of those bands still around?

If anybody needs yet another reason why Saxon are one of the best bands around just have a look at the Iron Maiden site. Now, please don't turn this into a Saxon vs Maiden thread - its all metal but I have been able to read all the threads on this site without logging in. Maiden's site treats you like an idiot and gives you three reasons why you might not be able to view the forums. Eh? Have Maiden got something to hide.

This tells me Saxon appreciate and are open to their fans. Anyway, Lionheart is one of the best classic rock albums this Millenium (so far).

Saxon Roolz (sorry, couldn't resist that)
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