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Originally Posted by Pandabear View Post
Hey Janet
Such a shame I missed you - as you say its a big ship - I was on the left side of the theatre at the front - totally hammered and screaming.

I met the band checking in and they were really cool.

Did you go to the meet and greet? I dont know how to get the pictures of it.
Hi Pandabear,
I asked the guys if they met you and Nigel said yes. So I told him if he sees you to let me know who you are. But that never happened. Judging by the placement of the boarding photos, I would guess you must have gotten there later, because the bands photos were in the 3:00 - 4:00 section. I was already on board by then. I went to the Meet and Greet. MOR has not posted the link yet for us to view the photos. I keep checking. I can't wait to see them. Hope you had fun and it was great that you were able to go. Did you see them on the pool stage?
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