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Originally Posted by MattMetallica View Post
Good luck mate, what sort of music do you play, obviously rock but I mean what type?
Well, when I first joined the covers were much more in an American 80's vein i.e Dokken, Kiss, Skid Row etc and we had a female vocalist. Whilst some of those are still there we have gradually added heavier and more traditional sounding stuff such as Diamond Head, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Megadeth and Anthrax, we have a new male vocalist and as such we have down tuned and it all sounds a bit more menacing. It's good to have a variety of covers though because we try and cater the setlists depending on our audience + it keeps things fresh for us
As for originals it's going to be interesting because we all listen to a wide variety of Rock and Metal and the ideas that are coming in from people are a real mix of styles. The challenge therefore is to come up with stuff that mixes it up but doesn't sound like 3 different bands playing at once.

At my age though I'm just still glad to be playing and enjoying it
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