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Originally Posted by slug View Post
i think the battel of briton flyt is based at r.a.f coningsby My dad work on them when i was a kid in the 70s. Good luck with the gig.
Originally Posted by spandex'd Beefheart View Post
Good luck with the coming gigs. Are they going to be your first ever gigs? or just the first in this band?

Let us know when you've some footage on youtube or something.

ps, hope you do some Saxon covers mind o'l But !
Thanks guys

Yes Slug 'Battle of Britain' is at Coningsby. All but me in the band are Forces, hence why we've got these gigs.

And no Spandex'd we have gigged before but not with this vocalist/ guitarist and I've been drumming in bands for over 25 years . If Fingers doesn't mind me saying we would have supported GHOAD in September but unfortunately our Bass Player is on Honeymoon so we couldn't do it. Hoping to resolve that one soon though (Fingers )
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