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Originally Posted by lionessheart View Post
Actually I didn't realise he had a back problem which explains his lack of energy onstage. However I wish he wouldn't walk back and forth across the stage all the time. It's like watching a tennis match. I'd rather he want to one side and sang for a while, then move to another part of the stage and sing etc.

Turbo... I don't dislike it as much as I do Nostradamus and I think it's better than Ram It down (not by much though!). I've been looking at my iTunes and the Priest albums from Sad Wings up to Defenders have a far higher play count. Painkiller does quite well though.

I agree with you about the next album. I didn't mind Angel Of Retribution (although Lochness pulled it down). But they really need to get back to kick ass heavy metal.

Saxon's last three albums. I do quite like Maiden's last 3, but I do agree that Saxon's last 3 a easily up there with their very best. I'm looking forward to their next album more than Maiden's (and from a die hard Maiden fan that's really saying something)
The thing about Turbo,I remember in 1986 when it was released I was shocked and let down especially because of the last studio album title "Defenders Of The Faith" with the members saying how it means to defend the heavy metal faith"Keep The Faith" was on t-shirts during the Defenders tour ect... and then wham! They did a 180 and released an album with an image that was nowhere near "keeping the faith" let alone defending it HAHA! The only song I can tolerate off the "T" album is "Reckless and thats not a track that I can listen to but once every 10 years lol!

I realize that you may enjoy the album along with many others but for me it was a total nightmare,it left us wanting an album like Screaming For Vengeance,Defenders Of the Faith ect.

Ram It Down in my opinion was poor but at least they have the songs Ram It Down,Heavy Metal,Hard As Iron,Blood Red Skies and even the equally commercial as Turbo song "Come And Get It" beats any song off lol!
I still find it interesting in your likings for the Turbo album over Ram It Down and must accept it lol! We all like different things for different reasons as we all know.

Nostradamus I didn't buy,I heard all of it from a guy at work who bought it and hated it lol! It sucks and is extremly way to long.
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