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Originally Posted by RockUFOrever View Post
I kinda agree with you.When I bought FOTD I did not like it and thats the reason I did not Buy X Factor, tried one more time with Virtual and that was even worse.

When Brave New World came out I gave them another shot and I thought some of it was good,but nothing like the past albums.I haven't bought an album of there's since.

Seen Maiden from there first Killers tour in the US to the Somewhere in Time tour,then basically kinda lost interest in them after that because of what I said above.I did see the BNW tour though and the show was good.
I agree,but even I still have to realize that its all "opinions" wich doesn't make my opinion the correct one as if it is fact,but its kinda split in two...half the people I notice think these new Iron Maiden albums are equal to albums such as The Number Of The Beast,Piece Of Mind and Powerslave and the other half think they are half-assed albums where half the stuff is "good" and half of it is shit.

I just can't hear what these "fanboys" as I call them hear in these new Iron Maiden albums,I do like some of it like Brave new World has 5 songs that are quality songs although not as good as 80's Iron Maiden but still good and the other half sucks big time and is horrible.

The Dance Of Death album 2003 is all lame,I don't even like one song off it wich is rare for me....not even one! The 2006 album A Matter Of Life And Death I actually enjoy except for those lame freaking songs they made videos out of "Different World" and "Benjamin Bragg" they are horrible and boring,poor song writting with those.

Yet everybody makes it out to be like old Maiden when to me its not.Same goes with Metallica,the same sinerio...except I hate ALL Shitallica after Master Of Puppets,all of it sucks all the way up to now and every album they continue to put out will suck,there is no hope for "Shitallica'.

I'm really hoping that this new Maiden album will be thier LAST! Saxon kicks Iron Maiden's ass so far up between thier shoulders its not even funny. Hail Saxon!!!!!!
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