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Originally Posted by J.D.DIAMOND View Post

I know the "music" is the "important thing here" but that picture/creature thing thats on the album cover so far doesn't look anything like Eddie AT ALL,maybe there is more to the artwork when the entire picture is revealed but if that is going to be the album cover,then it would be the worst Iron Maiden album cover of all time.

I HATE that picture for an Iron Maiden album cover,it may be cool for another band like Exciter or somebody but its anything but Iron Maidenish and it SUCKS. I have a strong feeling the music on this record is terrible too,but we'll have to wait and see,I'm surely not holding my breath.I'm not thrilled about the title either "The Final Frontier" sounds like a Star Trek title.

I think Iron Maiden's music from 1986 till now(24 years) is "overrated" I don't think the music is as good as people make it out to be,they act as if these albums and songs are just as good as Iron Maiden's first 5 studio albums(Iron Maiden debut 1980 - Powersllave -1984)and to me and many others it isn't. In my opinion Iron Maiden is the 2nd most overrated heavy metal band in history with Metallica being #1.

I kinda agree with you.When I bought FOTD I did not like it and thats the reason I did not Buy X Factor, tried one more time with Virtual and that was even worse.

When Brave New World came out I gave them another shot and I thought some of it was good,but nothing like the past albums.I haven't bought an album of there's since.

Seen Maiden from there first Killers tour in the US to the Somewhere in Time tour,then basically kinda lost interest in them after that because of what I said above.I did see the BNW tour though and the show was good.
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