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Originally Posted by addyeddy View Post
If there is a new album this year, I hope it's a little different to the last couple. I've found myself not playing them regulalrly, as there wasn't much particularly distinctive about them. This is only my opinion, and probably not many will agree, but I'd welcome a few more mid paced catchy rockers with great choruses like 'I've Got to Rock to Stay Alive' over the fast bludgeoning songs. What are others opinions?

For me the guitarsolo's were distinctive. On some songs I only programmed on the guitar solo parts, they did stick in my head.. Wizzards tale..such a splendid solo, but the other content didnt come out of my memory.. I think I know what you mean.. I like the solo's been played like on studio versions.. for example Thunderbolt , great tune and solo..but on the 40 live album its not 40% of that good feeling,..its played in another way..on other songs it sounds more as a whole..which I prefer. I like songs as Just let me rock.. why does the guitar solo in Destroyer sound so much better on live cd than Thunderbolt..? both up-tempo...whats the reason ? too nonchalant played? I prefer songs like nowhere fast above Redstar Falling..which I very disliked on live 40..redstar is slow.. so its not a matter of uptempo or slow,..its something else.. I cannot figger it out..i'm only a Saxon Consument..and its like with food, sometimes you have those patattoo sacks in the supermarket, very good stuff, but i dont like the Champignonstype mixed in it and I pick them out before cooking and throw it away..i keep the thinhgs I like ( with a cd/song i cant do that so easilly) but it would be nice if the chamignons were also good and the food 100% good..or that the producent after years puts other things in it as you expect.., you want the same taste.. so its disapionting.. for me is that the reason why live 40 album is disapointing...there are good parts but also worse parts..and that was never the case for me on volume 1,2,3.. maybe some songs on those suffer the same but this volume 4 has it too much..I look forward to the new album, and I surely hope no songs like predator , or nosferatu ..and a few more..that is not saxon for me.. so I pick my own Saxon songs..yes i'm a 80-s victim..and I love it..
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