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Default Very poor sound in Blue ray - Why ?

Hi everybody, just disapointed by the poor sound...
Hey Saxon, we are in 2016 and when i see a dolby digital 5.1 on blue ray, i think it's very poor and sad for this support... dolby digital 2.0 is useless because pcm2.0 is better. where are the DTS5.1 or PCM5.1 TrueHD5.1 ? So i can't feel your power i think you need to take a look to blue ray of other great groups like Metallica, Iron maiden, Kiss for example. The last Kiss rock vegas blue ray is in Dolby Atmos. Saxon fans are prived for now for best sound in home theater with blue ray support, so thanks to take in consideration.
Sorry for my bad english, i'm french and i hope next blue rays of the group are better than this one.
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