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Originally Posted by skull View Post
i dont believe it ! stuck to there music throughout ?
they did stuck to their music throughout cos they were always experimenting and trying something new and different so fans got used to getting something different from them every single time but always you could tell it's queen. some might say they got too much into pop and synth music in the 80's but like i said they always experimented and made good albums using synths or not. in the 80's there were more pop songs from them but again that's nothing new because they had pop songs in the 70's as well as hard rock. on every album they always had pure hard rock songs, not all of them were released as a single so someone who hasn't listened to the albums might think that most of their 80's songs were poppy. some people who love more common hard rock with the same formula that's always the same (like ac/dc or motorhead) might not like Q cos they were always trying something new and fresh and that's highly unlikely today and it only proves how creative, daring and original they were.
I watched as fear took the old men's gaze
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