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you can see my avatar and know that i adore queen. i just wanna say that there's no band like them. no other band has so successfully combined rock, hard rock, opera, classic rock (even rockabilly in crazy little thing called love), electro pop (radio ga ga), rnb/funk (another one bites the dust). every band member has written a number 1 single, they're unique in that also. they're very well known for their spectacular shows and they really wanted to deliver a proper show even when that was considered uncool when punk came along. by that time a lot of bands was doing really bad popularity wise but not queen, punk couldn't touch them. when punk era came they released news of the world album in '77 which was pretty bare and basic for them with not so many overdubbing and vocals. although through the years they constantly change and never repeat themselves you could always hear and tell that it's queen. my fav Q period was the 70's. when they were great-they were the best! when they were having off night they were still better than 90% of the bands that were around at that time and in 70's and 80's music was a lot better than today. anyone saw them live? or maybe with tour with paul rodgers? i was born in '83 so i was too young to see them (last tour was in '86) but i saw them 3 times with paul rodgers and it was the best 3 concerts i've ever been to! i could only imagine how it would be if i saw original queen. i'd probably die the happiest man alive!
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