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Hi all,

we are lucky and itīs possible to have th shairts for the tour.

this is the e-mail Iīd sent to Nicola and the very qoick reply of the merch firm.

Dear Renate

Can you tell us how you propose to sell the t-shirts, are you going to tell us exactly how many pieces of each size you require and we will then supply to you and you will send them out to people?

Kind regards
Saxon Merch

On 12 Feb 2013, at 18:50, wrote:

> Name:Renate Thomas
> Email
> Message:
> Hello Nicola,
> we politely want to ask,how itīs going with our shirts.
> Kind regards
> The Official Saxon Forum
> Renate
Now itīs up to us to go on.
I think we make a poll again concerning the sizes.
I have two requests: first can some body do this with th poll? As I said before Iīm not good at computerthings and it only would take more time.,
and second, I think it makes no sense sending the shirts to Germany and then back to UK wher most of you are from.
So please can anybody do this ?!
We others could pay in advance, itīs the least we can do.

Some other thoughts ore suggestions?

I will ansewer them now we discuss it and come back to them, and also will ask how much the sthirts will cost.
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