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Originally Posted by _Shadow_ View Post
I say that before others decide, we can go further and clearify some next steps. Like how much we pay and how and what we need to do. This part will be useful also to other guys who decide later. Also a "deadline" for this poll should be fixed, and maybe an admin can send an e-mail notification to all members about it. So no one can complain that was not informed. I say this topic concerns every member and should not be considered a SPAM.
I am assuming Shadow (and others) that it is Us Forummers who will have to find somewhere to print the T-shirts at a reasonable price. Obviously I don't want a really cheap option because the shirts will just fall to pieces and the print will rub off pretty quickly if we do that. What we need to do is to find some printers and then get some quotes for quality printing. As for how much we pay, well that very much depends on how many people want a shirt. The more people wanting one, the cheaper the cost for all of us!!
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