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I´ve gotthe limited Edition from 2010 and it contains the following:

Disc One

Heavy Metal Thunde- the Movie
( A special extended edition of the dramatic story of Saxon)

Disc Two

Saxon In Concert, 1981
(A classic concert from the archieves of The Beat Club)

"Building the Labyrinth"
(A mini-doc featuring Biff, Paul and Doug in the studio recording Into the Labyrinth)

"The Eagle & The Bomber"
(A mini-doc featuring behind -the- scenes footage shot on tour with Motörhead in 2009)

"On a Crusade"
(Archive interviws from the recording of Crusader)

"No Excuses"
(A compilation of archieve footage from the "Innocence" recording sessios)

St George`s Day 2008
(Saxon´s inaugural St George`s Day gig filmed in London in 2008)
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