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Default Rarest Saxon CD, other CD questions

Which CD of Saxon's is generally considered to be the rarest? I know that the Axe Killer version of Innocence is No Excuse always goes for good money on eBay. I just picked up the Warhammer version of Forever Free off eBay, that's one that I have only seen available one other time prior. Is there another one like these that is very difficult to come by?

Another question, can anyone explain the difference between the Diamonds and Nuggets disc and the Coming to the Rescue 2 disc set? From what I can tell disc 1 of Coming to the Rescue is exactly the same as D&N. Were both put out by Oliver & Dawson or was Coming to the Rescus put out by someone else?

And finally, can someone fill me in on who is behind the Live...In The Raw CD? Are Biff & Company involved in this release in any way or is this another one put out by Oliver & Dawson, or is someone else responsible for that release?

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