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hello all

paul quinn is a great guitarist and a quite inventive one too expecially in the rhythm parts so that some of his riffs have become heavy metal staples. To give you just a couple of example the use of palm muting in Princess of the night or the way he alternates open string and fourth chords in Never surrender were quite ahead of their time and have been perfectionated over the years by several bands.
Having said so, in my humble opinion he is not a real guitar genius in the way people like Van halen, Michael schenker or Malmesteen are (to cite just teh three most influencing metal guitarists of the last 30 years).
Neither he is in the same league of Dave Murray, Adrian Smith, KK downing, Tipton or Kirk Hammet or Wolf Hoffman to cite a totally forgotten hero

No one of them is currently in the best guitarist lists so i think it is fair that neither Paul is included

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