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Default Saxon to release their first Spanish language single

Honestly, I'm surprised how much "fake Saxon news" I have in me.

Saxon to release their first Spanish language single (cover).
Some may find the subject matter to be controlversial in this
turbulent time of immigration around the world but it is very
realivant,,,, pro or con. SAXON is covering this song based
on the passion of it. This is not a political statement by Saxon.
This is only Saxon covering a very emotional song that is relevant
to this age we live in. This is a song that will showcase Biff's youthful
vocals and growls plus musiscally Saxon plays the music in
an almost industrail metal style. A style new to Saxon. Yet another gerne
Saxon is very competent playing.

The song is "Corazón Valiente" by Victoria La Mala. Will she guest duet vocal on this cover???

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