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Originally Posted by Fellhammer View Post
I remember being so disappointed with Crusader. The title track itself was great but the sound was so watered down. The rest of the songs were pretty weak. I remember buying 'Sailing to America' on 12" purely for the artwork.... it looked great on my wall!

Innocence was the same. It tried to be too radio friendly and for me it was like they were turning their back on their fans. As for the songs, it was as though they had run out of ideas or were too high on their success to be bothered. I so wanted this album to be a good comeback but, for me it was horrible. Broken Heroes is a classic live.

I thought Nations started off well. The first three songs were a return to form i thought. It went downhill from there however and you are right, the sound isn't great.

Destiny... Well after being faithful and sticking with the band, i'm afraid this album was the final straw. I think i have only listened through its entirety once! I lost all patience and didn't buy another release by the band until this year!

I think i shall give these albums a listen through again soon. Its been a long long time since i have and maybe now i have mellowed enough to bear them!
I completely agree with this post 100%.
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