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Originally Posted by Husky View Post
I think we wait till the deadline and then contact the merchandise firm.
We could send a message that were allowed to do this (with teh word Leo sent) and ask them how they want us to go on.

We need the number and the sizes and its still sad that ther are not more votes.

Ive no better idea at the moment. What do you others think how to go on?
Yep, wait until the poll ends and see where we stand then get the people to give sizes. I'm not sure (I could be completely wrong) whether the merchandise firm will print them or not, or as I said before, we find our own source of printer. As long as we stick to Leo's rules and don't go over the 50, either way is good by me. I know this seems to be taking a long while, but it's better to do it sensibly and carefully rather than muck it up somewhere along the line.
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