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Originally Posted by Bosnian Witchfinder View Post
Do you people know who he is !????

He organises the godamn Wacken Festival, the biggest metal festival in the world.

Its probably the single biggest contribution to metal in the world, year in year out bands old new big and small playing to 50000 metal heads.
Chill! for Of course people know who he is. The festival is a big part of the German & European metal scene but got to be real here that won't make a career for a band it is only one gig a year. Plus it isn't done out of the goodness of his heart it is after all to make money.

The problem is he has come along after a long line of managers that talked the talk and didn't walk the walk. Cancelled gigs, tours pulled etc etc - does this sound familiar? Now since he took over the helm of the band all I'd say to you is look at things - apart from Wakken - has the situation with tours etc improved?

The Classic Rock awards were full of metal bands like Saxon so yes they do have something to do with the scene. It was also full of booking agents, managers of the same bands, record producers of the same bands, etc etc so I think they do have something to do with the overall continuance of the metal and rock scene.
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