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Originally Posted by toyotaTRD View Post
I don't have any problem adding more designs, so add PunkTexas' one to the poll too. You asked for a design, I proposed what I thought it would be nice to have on a t-shirt and that was it. I'm not Paul Gregory, I'm just an amateur wanting to help. So please feel free to propose more designs. No hard feelings PunkTexas - I wasn't offended or anything.
I understand what you're saying mate, it's just that you came up with the original design a LONG while ago and everyone at the time was happy. It has taken a LONG time to get to this point. If we start introducing new ideas and designs it's just going to confuse matters more and it might not ever get done!! With all due respect to Punk Texas, I'm really not very taken by the idea of just ironing on a website to a t-shirt, that wasn't the whole point of this exercise in the first place and we could have all done that by now anyway

We have been fortunate enough that Leo has said we can do 50 shirts. I think your designs are excellent and the poll is nearly finished. Can't we just stick to the original plan.

People come and go on the Forum and of course they are perfectly entitled to their own opinions about what they like or do not like, but to change what we are doing at this point when the majority appear happy with it, just seems counter-productive.

Please, anyone, do tell me to shut up if I'm talking a load of crap.
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