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Default set list from 9/3 el paso

I really enjoyed the show and the set list was a total blast!! Biff mentioned before the Christopher Cross cover that the owners of the venue (a tribe resort casino a few miles from the Mexico border) made a personal request for that tune. Loved the lyrics, "..make it to the border of mexico,.." I heard that song on the radio in the 80's hundreds of times but never this good!
Biff said they played some different tunes because they were in El Paso 9 weeks ago. What a cool venue, El Paso metalheads are lucky. I believe Slayer played there not long ago, free or not what a cool venue and I have been to a lot of shows from LA to NYC.

Surprised I recall the titles, please edit any mistakes.

Motorcyle man
This town knows how to rock
Power and the Glory
Solid Ball of Rock
Dallas 1pm
Heavy Metal Thunder
Eagle has Landed
Ride like the Wind (Cross cover)
20,000 ft
Never Surrender
Back against the Wall
Princess of the Night
Wheels of Steel
Strong Arm of the Law
Demin and Leather

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