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Originally Posted by 747rick View Post
Innuendo this is for you:

Just come back from 'Anthems In The Park' with Brian May & Kerry Ellis at RAFC Cranwell. Yes my back gave me lots of woe but it was worth going

They had added some extra Queen songs so apart from fantastic fireworks and air display from 'The Blades', Hurricane and Spitfire and others + a full set of big band and Hollywood soundtrack songs from the RAF Band we basically got 4 songs from the Anthems album, 2 solo Brian May songs which made up his guitar solo and I think 8 Queen songs all of which were performed fantastically well. Great backing band and sound. Kerry did a brilliant job of the singing and the crowd really got into it. 6,000+ audience so hopefully a success.
thanks for your review 747rick. now i envy you. did you know that drummer in the band is rufus taylor, roger's son?
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