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You don't have to excuse! It's an open conversation!
My grandmother comes from Puglia (Apulia in English), but I haven't ever been there!!! I have to go because I must ABSOLUTELY visit Castel del Monte (! It's marvellous and I'm very fond of Frederick II! I've never been in Campania too, but every person I've talked with told me that Puglia and Campania are fantastic...but there are a lot of problems connected with mafia and so with abusive buildings that hurts natural's not as idyllic as could seem
I suggest Tuscany: it's plenty of nice city such as Pisa (one of the few Italian cities that still owns its walls!), Florence (I would like to live there!), Lucca and many more. Besides British people love Tuscany very much: there's a zone called Chianti known as Chiantishire because is plenty of British inhabitants!
Anyway I'm not the rightest person to talk with about Italy: I dislike my Country and I want move to France or Spain...

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