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Originally Posted by 747rick View Post

Or we could have;

The Scarf Has Landed
Rock The Scarf
Solid Scarf Of Rock
Forever Scarf
Unleash The Scarf
Killing Scarf
Scarfs Of Steel
Strong Scarf Of The Law
A Scarf Is No Excuse
The Scarf Sanctum
Scarfs Over Wacken (imagine in wacken 50.000 people with a scarf from saxon) uff what an impression..

and the first single would be

And The Scarfs Played On!!

I am actually starting to worry about myself lately
oh my goodnees mate you are totaly crazy.
when I read this comment I start laughing loud out.
we have to be care about posts like this. maybe the boys take this examples for new album. lol

The Drummer has Landed

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